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Through Aquatic Bodywork Therapy, Wave Academy is helping veterans grappling with Post-Traumatic Stress move from depression, sleeplessness and suicidal ideation to better sleep, less pain and a more positive life outlook. Hear inspiring stories from Wave clients whose lives have been transformed by the healing power of ABT.


Wave Academy makes a difference in diminishing Post-Traumatic Stress for veterans of all conflicts. The reduction in pain and anxiety leads to a better quality of life.  New Johns Hopkins University-validated research reveals the measurable impact of Aquatic Bodywork Therapy as a promising holistic treatment. Learn More


Wave Academy is a premier provider of Aquatic Bodywork Therapy for military veterans and active personnel living with the crippling impacts of PTS, their family members and other caregivers. Through our Aquatic Education Services, we provide education on the effectiveness of ABT and seek committed professionals to join this growing field. Learn More