Help with Pool Access

Help with Pool Access

Wave Academy is working diligently to address an increasing demand for our services.  In 2014, we will provide upwards of 300% more therapy sessions than in 2013.  But there is so much more we can do to help the thousands of active service personnel and veterans diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress every week.

To grow and expand our service to the community, we vitally need more sites to deliver our Aquatic Bodywork Therapy sessions.

We are currently seeking pool access in San Diego County.  Generally, the commercial pools that for our criteria are typically used for physical therapy and are heated, or can be heated, to 96 degrees.  The depth of the pool is approximately 3.5 – 4.5 feet in depth.

If you own or operate a commercial pool, know of a viable venue or can make an introduction on behalf of Wave Academy, please contact us at or call our office.

There is enormous untapped potential to heal the wounded warriors in our midst.  Thank you in advance for your support in finding new ways for us to achieve our mission.