Sponsor & Partner

Sponsor & Partner

Wave Academy is proud to be part of the vibrant San Diego community – home to one of the largest military populations in the country.  We are actively seeking alliances with businesses, organizations and community groups who share our deep commitment to giving back to the brave service men and woman who have done so much for us.

We are open to many types of potential partnerships or sponsorships.  Can you join with Wave Academy in one of these ways?

  • Use your marketing, advertising or outreach resources to share information about Wave Academy and its proven ability to reduce the devastating symptoms of PTS
  • Share information about Wave Academy through your existing communication channels (e.g. member newsletters, online forums, social media channels)
  • Invite a representative of Wave Academy to speak at a community event or business forum
  • Explore a joint promotion or media event to reach prospective clients and supporters
  • Offer to host a fundraising salon in your home, place of business or community venue

We are excited to explore how we can mutually benefit in serving our community, while helping to stem the epidemic of dysfunction and suicide among our returning service men and women.

"Imagine helping to move troubled clients from depression, sleeplessness, panic attacks and suicidal ideation to better sleep, less pain and a more positive life outlook. We are realizing this potential through the healing power of Aquatic Bodywork Therapy." Dave Towe – Executive Director