Our Mission

Wave Academy is dedicated to expanding the role of Aquatic Bodywork Therapy as a powerful tool in the healing and advancement of individuals, communities and the human condition.

Our Objectives

We fulfill our mission by providing:

  • Aquatic Bodywork Services — Individuals in critical need of therapeutic treatment may apply for sessions on a reduced fee basis. No-cost treatments are available to eligible applicants. Focused populations include military members diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress and their care providers, as well as hospice patients and their care providers.

  • Aquatic Education Services — Wave Academy actively conducts outreach and educational programs among institutions and service organizations whose populations validate the effectiveness of aquatic bodywork therapy. Scholarships are available to qualified, committed individuals living in State of California seeking a career in Aquatic Bodywork Therapy.

  • Research Programs — Data collection through ongoing commissioned research studies provides empirical evidence of the restorative and transformative benefits of Aquatic Bodywork Therapy.

Our Impact

Wave Academy is positioning itself as a premier provider of aquatic bodywork therapies for military veterans and active personnel living with the debilitating impacts of Post-Traumatic Stress, their family members and other caregivers. This is a top priority for Wave Academy Founder and Executive Director Dave Towe, who has extensive experience providing aquatic bodywork therapy to a wide range of individuals and special-needs populations. His passion for Wave Academy was borne through witnessing countless lives transform in his arms, and he is putting that tireless dedication to work in our community.

Wave Academy is a leader in program design to support holistic health training and support to students of ABT and those diagnosed with PTS. It has set robust standards for ABT students training to work with special needs clients and has created the highest standards for screening qualified practitioners in the field. Wave has also led the way in capturing viable research data on ABT to quantifiably demonstrate the healing powers of this Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) modality.

Through research and compelling personal client accounts, we are finding that when individuals with PTS receive aquatic bodywork therapy, the results are often immediate and profound. Reduced stress, better sleep, the ability to think more clearly, minimized physical pain and an overall sense of well-being are just some of the powerful healing effects of treatment on PTSD. When the same therapy is given to family members and other caregivers, they report many of the same benefits, often feeling revitalized and thus better able to support their loved ones in their own recovery process.

Working together, we can reverse the alarming trend of PTS and suicide plaguing our friends, neighbors and communities and create brighter futures.