ABT Certification

ABT Certification

Wave Academy’s mission is to provide warm water Aquatic Bodywork to those with the greatest needs and this can only be achieved through partnership with skilled practitioners. Wave Academy’s Outreach programs serve critical need populations; Veterans diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and their caregivers. Licensed Aquatic Practitioners in the San Diego area who are ready to join our team may apply using the form below. Thank you for your interest in creating this powerful partnership. Together we will grow communities that honor service, healing, and connection.

Applications are limited to San Diego County residents at this time.

Please complete the online form below to apply for an Aquatic Practitioner position with Wave Academy.

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List Critical Need Client Populations you wish to work with: Military Veterans with PTSD, Terminally Ill, and/or Caregivers.
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Narrative (Required): In a separate document please describe your qualifications to provide Aquatic Body Work Therapy Sessions to critical needs clients. Our critical needs clients are Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, Terminally Ill, and Care Providers.

Remit application, with a copy of your current personal insurance coverage, California massage board certificate, complete W-9 form, and your narrative to: Wave Academy, 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd. Suite 100-15, San Diego, CA. 92123

W-9 Form