Aquatic Practitioners

Aquatic Practitioners

Wave Academy is honored to partner with a dynamic team of professionally certified Aquatic Practitioners. These talented men and women are in the water every day supporting Wave Academy’s special needs clients in their healing journeys. With great appreciation and respect we, at Wave Academy, recognize this amazing team of Aquatic Practitioners for their dedication and service.

Wave Academy Practitioners are all WATSU® certified Practitioners, and Licensed to touch in the State of California.  Practitioners are also available for private sessions, please email for private rates and availability.

Samantha “Spike” Bywater:
HHP, CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Spike: Click Here

Kim Hartz:
CMT, Watsu® Instructor & Practitioner
~ To Contact Kim: Click Here

Andrew Hockenberry:
HHP, CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Andrew: Click Here

Kit Kuhlman:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Kit: Click Here

Marcia La Monte:
Physical Therapist Assistant, CMT, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Marcia: Click Here

Erin O’Rourke:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Erin: Click Here

Sharon Plaché:
HHP, CMT, Certified Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Certified HADO Instructor, RUIT Practitioner, Certified Sound Healer Association, ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Teacher, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Sharon: Click Here

Gal Rahimi:
HHP, CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Gal: Click Here

Sebastian Skinner:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Sebastian: Click Here

Theri Mary Thomas:
HHP, Hypnotherapist, WABA Lead Instructor Trainer, Founder of AQUATHERICS® Professional applications and clinical adaptations of aquatic Bodywork, AQUATHERICS® Practitioner/Instructor, Watsu® Practitioner/Instructor, Healing Dance Practitioner/Instructor, WaterDance Practitioner
~ To Contact Theri: Click Here

Brody Tucker:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Brody: Click Here

Carlos Villegas:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Carlos: Click Here

Alex Weston:
CMT, Watsu® Practitioner
~ To Contact Alex: Click Here

Cheryl Zolla:
HHP, CMT, Watsu® Practitioner, Aquatherics Practitioner, Jin Shin Practitioner
~ To Contact Cheryl: Click Here

* If you are interested in joining our San Diego team of Aquatic Therapists please complete our application on the Practitioner Page of this website.